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A New Beginning - The Air Bridge

This is a true story! A real story by Maria João Alexandre who worked as an air hostess with the Portuguese Airline Company (TAP) during the last years of the Portuguese colonial empire. Maria João shares with us a unique story and painful moments she lived at the biggest civil airlift ever between Luanda and Lisbon, in 1975. With 22 years, Maria João witnessed for 7 months the two sides of the same despair of those leaving and of those arriving in Luanda and Lisbon. A story that changed her own story of life as well as the story of those thousands who came from Africa, after April 25th. 1974 - (The Revolution Day) Maria João remembers quite well those days at Luanda’s airport and all she went through and when she was later transferred to Lisbon's Portela Airport. She recalls how everything was so different in Angola before all this came to happen... How the old Portugal was when she used to come on holidays... And in what it became, when she later moved definitely to Lisbon. - Maria João narrates it all for us in RTP - Antena 1. Finalist at 65th International URTI Radio Grand Prix

  • Production :RTP S.A.
  • Version :Portuguese
  • Script :
  • Year : 2013
  • Country : Portugal
  • Running time :52'00"
  • Subject :History, International URTI Radio Grand Prix, Frontiers
  • Showing of extracts allowed : Yes
  • Limit Country : No