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Borderless Life

This radio documentary, entering one of the Iranian border points, has placed a village the theme of its story and has surveyed the influence of human relations and emotions in development cycle and life straits. The documentary of Border-less Life has tied the physical detachment of humans beyond the border wall to the unique human emotions. By passing the border wall, the process of life in the border village of Makiki has emerged two villages. Makiki village in Iran and Makiki village in Afghanistan. Human made changes around the villagers not only eliminated the essence of life and hope for future, but also you could see the joyful life of villagers beyond the wall. The people spoke of their friendly visits, their ceremonies and customs, their attachments as well as their common culture between these villages. The essence of life in this village has taken a different hue. The villagers, who are families, don’t construe the wall as an obstacle and a separation factor, and they emotionally come closer. This documentary has completed unspoken words in the world of emotional borders and that is: the walls and borders are faded against human emotions and relations. Finalist in 25th URTI International Radio Grand Prix

  • Production :IRIB
  • Version :Farsi
  • Script : yes
  • Year : 2013
  • Country : Iran
  • Running time :26'00"
  • Subject :Cultures and civilizations, History, Society, International URTI Radio Grand Prix, Frontiers
  • Showing of extracts allowed : Yes
  • Limit Country : No