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Kamel road (3/4)

Road of diversity, crossing cities, moutains, oasis and plains of the saharian desert, the kamel road has been taken for hundred of years by caravans. Desert travelers first used it for goods exchange. Through the years, this road has become a place of artistic gathering, of custums and traditions exchanges. This documentary in four parts stops on the revealing elements of these exchanges between the north and the south of the continent. The first part reminds us of the history of the road, the second part focuses on pottery, the third talks about stone and the fourth about palm trees.

  • Ref : 00184702
  • Production :LBJ
  • Version :Arabic
  • Script :
  • Year : 0
  • Country : Libya
  • Running time :23'00"
  • Subject :Cultures, Civilizations, Traditions, Folklore, Travel, Nature, Animal Life, Mammals
  • Showing of extracts allowed : Yes
  • Limit Country : No