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Occupation: correspondent

Some time ago the World heard the story of a young man who cut out a heart of a Syrian regime soldier, then bit it and threatened other Syrian soldiers with the same fate. Everybody could watch on video.
Horrible? What did you think about that boy? Is he a monster? A pure evil? But will it change your mind if you know his story? To know that Syrian regime tortured his mother, father and sister, because he had participated in a protest against the regime? To know that videos of them being tortured were sent on his mobile so he could see them suffering and dying? And what would YOU become if everything you loved were taken from you in such a cruel way?
Now imagine you’re standing in front of him, listening with a microphone to the story of this boy. How would you find courage to face such a story of suffer, pain and hate? How can you cope with your car being shot a while ago, while driving to the interview? Can you still focus on the other person’s story that must be told in the evening news, even if a moment before someone aimed a gun at your head?
“Occupation: correspondent” is a story about war correspondents and their travels to all kinds of war and conflict zones. What makes them leave their wives, husbands, kids and parents, and risk their own lives to tell other people’s cruel stories? How their families cope with having a rough time? What price their families pay for such a dangerous job of loved ones? What are their reasons to be so close to war and what is the price? And finally, do they consider a five minutes entry in evening news about what they saw in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq as enough help they can offer to the casualties of war conflicts?

  • Production :Polskie Radio
  • Version :Polish
  • Script : yes
  • Year : 2014
  • Country : Poland
  • Running time :20'00"
  • Subject :International URTI Radio Grand Prix, War, Reports, History, International issues, Society
  • Showing of extracts allowed : Yes
  • Limit Country : No