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3D (Three Dimensions)

3D. Three dimensions – height, length and depth. Three people: mountaineer, ultra marathon runner and speleologist. The mountaineer has climbed Mount Everest, the ultra marathon runner ran 900 kilometres in nine days and the speleologist has visited 600 caves and chasms. Where are the frontiers of human possibilities? Each of them lives and wins in their dimension. Do they beat themselves or the mountain/cave/road? Did the mountain, cave or road change them? Do they know why they are doing it? Do they think they are different from others? What do they have in common in this “3D trigram”? How different are their ventures from ours, which are less noticeable? Do we all have „our own Everest“? Memories, experiences, passions, superhuman efforts... Radio „knitting“ in the reportage – “3D”. Material for the radio reportage „3D“ was collected for years and the authentic recordings of conversations with the mountaineer on the top of Mount Everest and the ultra marathon runner during his run from Banja Luka to Kosovska Mitrovica, which served as a juicy and purposeful illustration in this reportage, have a special value. Radio documentary 3D was made without author frames and narrative, which is particularly hard in the art of radio, especially if there are many different voices which are dynamically changing, as in this case. The author identified the three main characters by sound; thus you can hear the mountain wind while the mountaineer is talking, the sounds of the cave while the speleologist is talking, and the sounds of rhythm, which reminds one of the rhythm of steps, while the ultra marathon runner is talking. The passage of ultra marathon runner through certain cities is represented by the information published by the local radio stations. The mountaineer’s story about conquering Mount Everest is not chronological, but retrospective. Given that we are speaking about a very complex and demanding radio work, we decided to translate it into English language for those who are listening to be able to follow more easily the development of three parallel and alternating stories. - Finalist of the 25th URTI International Radio Grand Prix

  • Production :Radio of Republic of Srpska
  • Version :Serbian
  • Script : yes
  • Year : 2013
  • Country : Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Running time :38'00"
  • Subject :International URTI Radio Grand Prix, Frontiers
  • Showing of extracts allowed : Yes
  • Limit Country : No