ABU 2023 Media & Culture Days with Radio Romania


The third edition of ABU and Radio Romania’s international forum Media & Culture Days.


As part of our relationship with our associate members, we are pleased to provide you with information about ABU 2023 Media & Culture Days with Radio Romania here!


Media professionals from Europe and Asia to attend the conference Media & Culture Days, organized by Radio Romania and ABU in Bucharest from November 16 to November 17, 2023.


Radio Romania organizes, from November 16 to November 17, 2023, in partnership with ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union), the conference Media & Culture Days, which will be held at the Carol I Central University Library in Bucharest.


The event is a continuation of the Media 2020 conference series, organized by Radio Romania and ABU from 2015 to 2020, which succeeded in enhancing a successful dialogue between media professionals from Europe and Asia-Pacific. This year’s conference is part of a series of events that celebrate the anniversary of 95 years since Radio Romania’s first broadcast, on November 1, 1928.


The Media & Culture Days conference will see in Bucharest leaders of the main international media alliances Radio Romania is affiliated to: Jean Philip de Tender, EBU Deputy Director General, Claudio Cappon, Secretary General, COPEAM and David Jordan, Secretary General, PBI. The agenda will feature representatives of major media corporations from Europe and Asia, among them BBC, Czech Radio, MDR Germany, RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana, RTVE Spain, Polish TV, UA-PBC, Ukraine, RTV Georgia, RRI Indonesia, Media Prima Audio Malaysia, TRT Turkey, Radio Mewat, India, National TV and Radio Company din Uzbekistan etc.


This year’s conference, titled Diverse and distinctive: How culture powers public service media, will examine high value cultural content, diversity, and inclusion, with particular focus on broadcasting for national, regional and local communities. The conference aims to reinforce PSM’s core value as cohesive cultural engines, able to gather people around their common values, roots, heritage and diverse identities, and provide possible answers to our concerns and projections towards an increasingly globalised future.


Public Service Media are both the creators and the beneficiaries of their country’s culture. There is a deep and symbiotic relationship between their content and culture, so a central session will explore that relationship and examine how broadcasters (including online) can support a nation’s cultural capital while making sure they get their own dividend from it to sustain their business and satisfy and grow their domestic audiences.



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