ROR - GRAND PRIX NOVA 2024 - Call for programs


Grand Prix Nova invites you again in June in Bucharest!


Grand Prix Nova is a festival organized by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation. This festival is a competition, opened to public broadcasters and independent producers.

Grand Prix Nova aims to attract radio drama productions from all over the world. We are particularly interested in rewarding innovative artistic works that explore new approaches to radio broadcasting.

We like to define innovation as the artistic trend that reaches out to the new generations by discovering, experimenting and implementing more efficient technical and aesthetic approaches to deliver its message.

The festival has three competitive sections: radio drama, binaural drama and short forms. Since its creation, the Grand Prix Nova festival has earned a fine reputation in the international broadcasting arena; the quality of the productions selected in the competition  places the GPN among the most recognized promoters of experimentation in radio creation. The productions selected for the competition highlight the innovative potential of technology in radio drama and Ars Acustica.

The programme of the 12th edition of the Grand Prix Nova International Radio Drama Festival, held between 23 and 28 of June 2024 includes open listening for all the radio drama productions selected in the three categories (Drama, Binaural Drama and Short Forms), moderated debates by jury coordinators (broadcast online on the festival's Facebook page). At the end of the listening days, the jury decides on the winners of the 12th edition of the Grand Prix Nova, who will be announced on the last day of the festival at an awards ceremony.

Grand Prix Nova has proven since its first edition (2013) that it remains the only event in the international festival landscape dedicated exclusively to innovative ideas and forms. The radio genre is at a turning point that is deeply experienced by everyone involved in this field. Many arts are going through the same experience, trying to redefine themselves and their role in the evolution of society. There are artists who have considered that we are living in a moment of syncretism of artistic forms – which is perhaps a solution, if not definitive, at least a path to follow –, an idea that audio drama should not exclude from the outset.

The previous editions have confirmed the need for creating a laboratory in which dedicated people can meet and try to design a viable future for this art, to rediscover its meaning and importance in the evolution of society as a whole.

The Grand Prix Nova Festival has succeeded in mediating a constructive exchange of experience between producers and creators of audio drama adapting this very particular genre of artistic expression to approaches in sync with 21st century values and expectations.

More details about Grand Prix Nova Festival are available here:

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