New Neighbours

100 min
EBU Diversity Group & partners: HRT, NTR, RTBF, DW, RTE, ČT, RTP, RTV SLO, RTVE


New Neighbours - - is the third season of an international documentary series produced in nine different European countries. It’s produced by public broadcasters, under the umbrella of the EBU Intercultural and Diversity Group. Each documentary tells a story of a new neighbour who had to leave their home because of various reasons and now tries to integrate into a new neighbourhood and society. But it also tells the story of the locals; those who have to accept new neighbours. It’s about the obstacles people face to become a part of the local community. The series reveals how the difference in skin colour/religion/ethnical background/language or simply traditions and lifestyle impact the relations with neighbours. The “mise-en-scène” of the films is sometimes a single household or an apartment building, a single street, or a whole village or town.


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