33rd International URTI Radio Grand Prix - Winners & nominees


URTI Communication * Tuesday, December 14th 2021

Theme: The question of gender in tomorrow’s world


GRAND PRIX: Perle - Yasmina Hamlawi

Jackal Productions - RTBF - ACSR - Belgium - 50 minutes

To be a woman, to be complete, to find her pearl between her legs. Fos's life and body were governed by her community, her father, her husband. Submissive and silent, that is what was required of her.  In order to mark this takeover, she was given the seal of submission by being excised from the age of 6.

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Silver Medal: To fly again: Healing Project of North Korean Defectors - HyungSun Hwang

KBS - South Korea - 41 minutes

The program was produced in June 2020 as means of responding to questions posed within the Korean society stemming from the case regarding the late Han Seongok and her son who had died due to starvation.


Bronze Medal: For the Future - Arash Baee

Radio Gilan - Iran - 29 minutes

This documentary is about one of the people who underwent gender reassignment surgery in Iran. Before and after the operation, these loved ones have problems from a social point of view, which are recounted in this biographical programme.


Jacques Matthey-Doret Award for Discovery / ex-aequo: Monstruations: La face cachée de la lune - Soline de Laveleye

Across Stickos - Belgium - 52 minutes

Jerusalem. A cradle of patriarchal traditions, an area of friction, a sounding board: at the crossroads, with Vivien, Bitya, Rachida, Yaël, Carrie, Waed, Anne-Laure, Amira and many others in the background, the menstrual experience is told.


Jacques Matthey-Doret Award for Discovery / ex-aequo: The Revolution Will Be Injected - Orlando de Boeykens, Tucké Royale & Hans Unstern

Deutschlandfunk Kultur - Germany - 51 minutes

The self-determined injection of testosterone raises a whole series of political questions because social power relations are linked to gender concepts.


And the other nominees from the list of 10 finalist programmes are:

  • Broken (Waldemar Modestowicz) - Theatre of Polish Radio - Poland - 48 minutes
  • Carpenter girls (Effat Jamalipour) - Azad Film School - Iran - 20 minutes
  • Foule continentale / GPA, Rencontre avec deux porteuses (Caroline Gillet) - Radio France, France Inter - France - 36 minutes
  • Les grenades d'été: #balancetonsport (Safia Kessas) - RTBF - Belgium - 48 minutes
  • Protest choir - Against violence against women (Aleksandra Bučko) - Public Media Service “Radio-television of Vojvodina” - Serbia - 15 minutes


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