Prayer for Peace


Radio Romania Culture Channel campaign


In a totally humanist approach and in respect of the values dear to URTI since the beginning of its creation, we think of all the peoples who suffer from any aggression and violence.

Today we are thinking in particular of UKRAINE.


Hundreds of theatres, museums, cinemas and other cultural institutions from all over Romania joined the Radio Romania Culture Channel campaign - PRAYER FOR PEACE by playing audio or video - on Saturday, March 5, at 7.00 PM - a literary fragment with a major emotional impact, in the reading of poet Ana Blandiana, one of the greatest Romanian living poets and one of the symbols of the fight against dictatorship in Romania. Through this project Radio Romania calls for solidarity, empathy and compassion for the tragedy of the war in Ukraine. Public Television of Moldova as well as some cultural institutions from the same country also joined the project and broadcasted the video in the same time.

All those cultural institutions that joined the campaign played simultaneously with all Radio Romania Channels, the recording of Ana Blandiana reading a short excerpt from the preface of the book Last Witnesses by the Ukrainian-born writer, Nobel Laureate in Literature, Svetlana Aleksievich: "Once the great Dostoevsky raised the question: Can we find justification for peace, our happiness and even eternal harmony, if, in the name of this, for the endurance of the foundation, an innocent child shed even one teardrop? And [Dostoevsky] himself answered – this teardrop does not justify any progress, nor any revolution. Not any war. It will always outweigh everything else. Just one teardrop...".

This campaign launched on March 5 will continue on air through readings by Romanian and foreign writers, members of PEN Club Romania and PEN Club International, who called, in a statement, to stop the violence in Ukraine: "PEN International strongly condemns the violence launched by Russian forces on Ukraine and urgently calls for an end to the military aggression of an independent, sovereign state. The bloodshed must stop now. We are with Ukraine, as well as with our friends in PEN Ukraine, and we urge President Putin to stop this war immediately. Peace must prevail!"



Radio Romania Culture is one if the national channels of the public radio broadcaster of Romania.

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