34th International URTI Grand Prix for Author's Documentary - The awards


Press release

Monaco, Thursday, June 18th 2015

Khadija Al Salami, director, producer and writer from Yemen, presided the final Jury, made up of managers from public televisions representing Algeria, Belgium, Cameroon, Chad, Hungary, Kosovo and Romania.

The winners list of the 34th International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary will be announced during the Golden Nymph Ceremony of the 55th Monte-Carlo Television Festival on Thursday, June 18th 2015.


Grand Prix - Arman Trophy: Taïga

France - France Télévisions, France 5 - 52'                                    

Direction: Hamid Sardar

In the vastness of the Mongolian steppe, Purevjav, this man who came back to the nomadic life with his close family members, through his daily survival gestures, is following a philosophical thought about the fragility of his population in front of the world evolution. This world which forgets the ancestral values and traditions. A poignant, touching and wonderful documentary.




Silver Medal: Rwanda, la vie après

Belgium - RTBF - 71'          

Direction: Benoit Dervaux & André Versaille

The testimonies of the women who are still today the victims of the Rwandan genocide.

Mutilated in their bodies by the war, these women relate their ordeal in the past and their present difficulties to live with their children born from atrocity. This documentary denounces if necessary, through the truth of the words, the expressions and the silences, the war madness of the men.



Bronze Medal: The Promise of a happy childhood

Poland - TVP - 52'                       

Direction: Piotr Morawski & Ryszard Kaczynski

Chronicle of a failure regarding an international adoption. In 1997, an American couple took siblings of five Polish children to United States. Following an unexpected birth of a child in this adoptive family, and behavioural problems, the brothers and the sisters are finally rejected and divided. Fifteen years later, they succeed in meeting again, differently  affected by emotional deficiencies of their respective process and the nostalgia of their original Poland …


Martine Filippi Award for Discovery: Matanga

Democratic Republic of Congo - Antenne A - 26'  

Direction: Georges Kabongo                                

In the popular districts of Kinshasa, funerals are becoming today moments of meeting and entertainment during which the dead person is somehow forgotten in favor of the social representation of the descendants. A funny and caustic documentary which sketches the lines of a certain Congolese society.


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