35th International URTI Grand Prix for Author's Documentary - The awards


Press release

Athens, Thursday, June 16tth 2016

Menelaos Karamaghiolis, writer, director and producer from Greece, headed the final Jury, made up of managers from public televisions from Algeria, Belgium, Cameroon, Greece and Kosovo.

Congratulations to the ten nominees of the 35th International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary:

- A cruel gift - KBS - South Korea

- Aji-Bi, under the clock tower - APIMED - Morocco

- Le verrou - 2 Rives TV - France

- Next stop: Utopia - ERT - Greece

- Silent Screams - RTK - Kosovo

- Sonita - NDR/ARTE - Germany

- The Killer Elephants! - CRTV - Cameroon

- The price of gold - GMA News TV - Philippines

- Tout était un beau rêve, le « Frenchie » de Vukowar - Artizana - Croatia

- We have never been kids - January for Arts and Culture - Egypt


Grand Prix - Arman Trophy: Sonita

Germany, Switzerland, Iran - NDR/ARTE - 91'

Direction: Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami

Production: TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion

In Afghanistan, the refusal of a young girl in love with music, a rap singer who does not want to be caught by the destiny other people have chosen for her. Behind her teenage smile, month after month, Sonita builds her plan in order to reach the future she has chosen, far away, leaving the love of her family aside at the cost of her freedom as a young woman. This documentary is at the same time a portrait, a search for liberty as well as a wonderful message of hope for people looking for emancipation and freedom.


Silver Medal: Next stop: Utopia

Greece - ERT - 90' - Direction: Apostolos Karakasis

Somewhere in Greece, this factory producing domestic detergents is threatened by a business shutdown. However a group of workers and employees decides to take control and revive the company. Beyond the economic challenge, the documentary highlights the difficulty to reach this shared objective, because the group is tearing each other to pieces in the course of trials regarding the personalities and the different expectations. A parable on the urge to find compromise and listening to succeed in living and building together.


Bronze Medal: A cruel gift

South Korea - KBS - 55' - Direction: LIM Sehyeong & LEE Hokyoung

A slow and gradual construction… An inexorable immersion in a tragedy every human being can discover… And also a great invitation to live every moment in life because it is unique and fleeting. Full of emotions towards families, partners, children… because the disease can break out at any time and separate the human beings who love each other and who will tell it again after the ultimate separation. Among several Korean families, this is a humble and discreet view with an emotion full of absolute intensity.


Martine Filippi Award for Discovery: We have never been kids

Egypt - January for Arts and Culture - 99’ - Direction: Mahmood Soliman

For several years the director has followed the life of a poor family in Cairo. In this Egyptian society undergoing major change, a mother and her four children struggle each day to earn their small means of survival. A woman fighting against the preconceptions of the misogyny tradition, with young boys thrown in a system in which they are ignored… However, the four children have the will to survive and not to give up even if hope was squeezed on the concrete of the Tahrir square a long time ago. Both an investigation and social research documentary, this film makes an exceptional survey in the most impoverished backgrounds of this megalopolis which could be located in many other countries of the planet…



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