ABU Media & Culture Days, 7 December 2021



Join the newest initiative organized by the ABU in partnership with Radio Romania – ABU Media & Culture Days, taking place 7 December 2021, 16:00 – 1800 MYT, by Zoom.
Here are the official invitation and the conference program for your information and action.

Registration is now open at:

This latest ABU initiative begins a new annual series of meetings following on from the very successful Media2020 Dialogues and looking forward into the next decade at the important and complex issues of the media’s relationships with culture and the arts in a post-pandemic world.

Like Media2020, the new ABU Media & Culture Days will act as a bridge between the Asia-Pacific and Europe, bringing together global media and culture experts to discuss such headline issues as:

      * What roles do the media play in cultural maintenance?
      * How do the media affect culture?
      * How important is culture/the arts in the public service remit of broadcasters?

Culture and the arts speak a universal language, defining nations and allowing conversations and cooperation between countries and their broadcasters. Sharing culture is a force for peace and understanding and can open dialogue when other doors are closed.

If you need any more information please contact Olya Booyar at: olya@abu.org.my

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