Global Media Peace Awards


A Commitment to a Peaceful Future




Presented by: HEC, Montreal, and Pale Bleu Dot Foundation - Japan


Today, humanity is facing unprecedented challenges, from natural and man-made conflicts and climate change to environmental degradation. More than ever, there is an urgent need to promote peace, tolerance, mutual understanding, sustainable development, and environmental preservation by changing our mindsets, attitudes, and actions.

The organisers invite radio and television broadcasters, digital media experts and citizens, public and private, to contribute by means of their programmes, to building peace, mutual understanding, and sustainable development across the globe.

Please refer here for additional information.

There are no registration fees from the participating organizations.

There will be three cash awards in each of the following three categories: RADIO, TELEVISION AND DIGITAL MEDIA PROGRAMMES:

Radio Awards

Television Awards

Digital Media Awards

1st Award: C$5,000

1st Award: C$5,000

1st Award: C$5,000

2nd Award: C$2,500

2nd Award: C$2,500

2nd Award: C$2,500

3rd Award: C$1,500

3rd Award: C$1,500

3rd Award: C$1,500


The Awards are presented to the most innovative and remarkable radio, video, television and digital programmes/content/stories focused on conflict prevention and resolution.

Deadline for entries: All entries, together with the filled-in registration form, must be submitted to the HEC Awards Secretariat before 30 August 2024, at the following e-mail address:

Jury: Three international juries will judge and select the best programmes.



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