RAI/AUB - Gender Equality – Women Empowerment


Training course with four online webinars of 90 minutes!


Giving women the role they deserve in society is one of the priorities of this century: women and men have a joint responsibility to fight for an inclusive society where everyone is accorded equal respect, equal pay and equal rights.

Italian public service broadcaster Rai - Radio Televisione Italiana - is joining forces with AUB - African Union of Broadcasting - to meet this challenge with a joint training program for media professionals: an opportunity to deepen knowledge and exchange best practices among colleagues from Europe, Africa and Asia.

The training course is entitled "Gender Equality - Women's Empowerment". Participants, mainly from African media and civil society, will focus on collaborative policies and initiatives adopted by public service broadcasters to affirm the role of women in working contexts, in the audiovisual sector, both on and off screen. Regulatory frameworks, participatory democracy strategies and best practices will be analyzed in depth.

The course is structured into four online webinars, each lasting ninety minutes. Participants and experts will interact in question-and-answer sessions.

Participants will meet online with over twenty high-level experts from Rai, other public service broadcasters (Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Georgia and Australia) and media organizations such as the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

"Gender equality is one of the most relevant and urgent milestones of civil society, included among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - explains Simona Martorelli, Director of International Relations and European Affairs at RAI - and promoting equal opportunities and inclusion is part of RAI's mission as a public service broadcaster", as well as that of the ABU.


For further information and to take part in the webinars: contact@urti.org


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