34th International URTI Radio Grand Prix - The awards


Press release * Thursday 15 December 2022 

Theme: Radio and Trust


Under the chairmanship of Mr. Davide Grosso, Director of Projects (International Music Council) and President of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, the URTI Jury composed of 7 member countries - Belgium, Benin, Cameroon, Kosovo, Morocco, Portugal and Romania - selected the winners of the 34th International URTI Radio Grand Prix.


  • URTI GRAND PRIX: Le poste radio, meilleur compagnon du Peulh - Hermann Kouadio Kpokame

ORTB, Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin - Benin

The Peulh herder wears a colorful tunic, a stick, a conical straw hat, a leather apron and earrings. In addition to these accessories, he carries a radio that he hangs on his shoulder or that he holds on his shoulder. What does the radio represent in the world of the Peulh?



  • SILVER MEDAL: Less and less soul - Agnieszka Czyzewska Jacquemet

Polish Radio Lublin - Poland

This audio documentary is built on the main character’s trust and confidence that a radio journalist can make a difference. This confidence has turned an intimate confession into a public statement on a very important issue of sexual abuse in the Catholic church, which has been swept under the carpet for many years.  



  • BRONZE MEDAL: The story of a partisan radio. A voice in the night - Marcello Anselmo

RAI, Radiotelevisione Italiana - Italy

This documentary illustrates the relationship that Radio Libertà had with its audience, a close relationship made of information and mobilization, but also of letters, songs, stornelli - ironic ritornelli that are unique in the panorama of partisan song and poetry.




IRIB - Iran

Two garbage-throwing children are searching for food at night in the city's garbage centre, until they find a Radio between the garbages...



  • Digital Works Award: RTBF UKRAINE - Україна

RTBF, Radio Télévision Belge Francophone - Belgium

Following the war in Ukraine, as of Monday, March 21, 2022, RTBF launched RTBF Ukraine - Україна, a device to provide Ukrainian refugees with a set of content in Ukrainian. The aim is to facilitate their integration into Belgian society.


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