New in our catalogue: Musiques Nouvelles and Pitcho


A new concert available at the same time as the return on stage of Musiques Nouvelles & Pitcho
on Monday 5 July 2021 


« Our roots are wings »

Musiques Nouvelles and the slammer Pitcho take us on a moving musical journey to the heart of our roots and our personal histories to give us back the wings we have missed so much.



About the PI experience

Created in 2018 for the Nuits Botaniques, this original musical and poetic project in which Pitcho, a fabulous actor-rapper-poet, and the musicians of Musiques Nouvelles forge a new alloy of words and sounds, mixed, generous and enchanting. The PI experience is a sonic and poetic illustration of our hybrid and shifting human form, at the crossroads of several crossroads - musical, social, identity...

Personne n'a tort, personne n'a raison. Que des points d'interrogation?
Tout le monde cherche à sa façon. Des critiques, des commentaires

On s'en fout de la solution
Ce qui nous importe c'est comment faire.
Pour ouvrir les portes du paradis faut-il passer par l'enfer?

Pitcho, Our roots are wings


« Welcome to 3.14! »  

With words that are his own, taking literary, cinematographic and philosophical universes into their courses, Pitcho reveals all his substance to us. A pure and fine exposure of HIS human being. Strong and weak from the many experiences that have forged his soul, he invites us into the depths of his existence. We tread his paths, from the roots to the wings, lingering deeply in the heart area. Pitcho tries to assimilate lessons and draws us into his reflections. We are all concerned! We are also moved by his incantatory voice and the poetry that escapes from his pen.

The musicians of Musiques Nouvelles bring an orchestral sound texture to distil a palette of emotions with hybrid and abundant colours. The challenge of this universe is to mix the different musical influences of the members of this adventure.
Hip-hop, Afro, jazz, electro and classical music ... in the image of the multiple identities that forge a man.

This experience is an invitation to travel. Through the different titles we meet new people and new worlds.

Links to other extracts:

Douceur de bitume :

Rêve ou crève :

Premier retour :


"The man who took his first steps with Onde De Choc performs in a very hushed setting. Cello, drums and percussion, piano and guitar accompany him at the crossroads of rap, poetry, slam and music. And then there's the theatre: let's not forget that Pitcho has a lot of experience in that field too. Moreover, we are quickly reminded of this when we see him say, "play" even, that "love is not obligatory". Didier Stiers - Le

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